CarePath Results

Carepath project will achieve:

  • Better, trauma – informed support of children in preparing to leave alternative care, focusing on interventions about personal development, mental and psychical health, vocational training, living and housing, social inclusion.
  • Improved national / regional integrated child protection systems in the partners’ countries, providing one-stop trauma-informed support well before children leave care.
  • Better skilled professionals (psychotherapists, arts therapists, social workers, psychologists, teachers, healthcare), providing individualised leaving care plans for children, guided by trauma healing, children views and best interests.
  • A sustainable mechanism for the provision of integrated aftercare support services to children, through the development of a web-based collaboration system and a toolkit useful for professionals and public bodies handling particular cases.
  • Transferable good practices on integrated leaving care and aftercare support mechanisms and trauma-informed interventions to be replicated in other EU countries.
  • Increased awareness of EU public authorities, professionals in the field and the general public about children’s rights, the importance of leaving care planning and methods of therapy and trauma-informed interventions.