CarePath Mechanism

CarePath integrated service provision mechanism will be a web-based system to bring together relevant stakeholders and professionals working with children leaving care (e.g. public authorities, NGOs, social services, child protection agencies and psychotherapists, healthcare), and make available processes to cover a range of multi-dimensional interventions based on trauma screening and assessment. The system will be used initially by the public authorities of the partnership as a basis for the provision of one-stop shop services to children ageing out of care and care leavers. Through the system, professionals of multiple disciplines will be able to form psychical teams to handle children’s cases co-ordinately, and children in care / care leavers will be able to ask for additional support based on their needs, e.g. psychotherapeutic support, housing, leisure time activities, vocational training, healthcare support.

Additionally, a toolkit for professionals working with traumatised children will be developed to be used for providing one-stop, trauma-informed aftercare support services to children. The toolkit will help professionals to follow a multi-dimensional and integrated approach for supporting traumatised children, including living and housing, healthcare, vocational training guidance, social inclusion, and psychotherapeutic services. It will also guide professionals on children involvement in aftercare planning, as well as on the involvement of other complementary professionals such as psychotherapists, social workers, trainers, policy-makers, lawyers where necessary.